Journal – Call for Papers

Key information

Issue: No. 42. 2020

Theme/title: Intimate stories, challenging histories

Editors: Carla Pascoe Leahy and Skye Krichauff


A. Peer-reviewed articles – deadline 28 February 2020, limit 5000–8000 words.

B. Reports on specific projects, conferences or events – deadline 30 April 2020, limit 2000 words.

C. Reviews of books and other publications – deadline 30 April 2020, limit 800 words.

Note that word limits do not include endnotes.

Upcoming issue

This issue is based on the theme of the 2019 Oral History Australia Biennial Conference; ‘Intimate stories, challenging histories’.

Category A – Peer-reviewed articles

Papers for peer-review must demonstrate a high standard of scholarship and reflect a sound appreciation of current and historical issues on the topics discussed. They are expected to contain substantial consideration of theoretical, and/or ethical and/or methodological issues.


Authors are required to submit articles for peer-review to the Editorial Board for initial screening for suitability.

If suitable, the Board will then forward each article to at least two anonymous reviewers. Any recommendations from the reviewers are forwarded to the authors via the Chair of the Board.

Authors should note that we are unable to guarantee publications due to the time constraints of reviewers.

Please forward articles by email to Dr Francesco Ricatti, Chair, Editorial Board:


Themes for research articles might include:

  • Intimate, challenging or subversive histories, including:
    • Narratives of gender and sexuality
    • Narratives of disability
    • Indigenous narratives
    • Culturally diverse narratives
  • Intersubjective dynamics within the oral history interview
  • Ethical considerations in dealing with intimate stories
  • How oral history theory enhances historical understandings of subjectivity and memory
  • How oral history methodology enlarges the types of histories possible, challenging dominant narratives
  • How personal narratives enrich exhibitions, performances, collections and community histories.

Category B – Articles/reports

Articles/project reports describing specific projects or events such as conferences and seminars. The author should provide an overview of the information gained through the project or event and the principal outcomes or practice issues identified.

Please forward articles by email to Dr Skye Krichauff and Dr Carla Pascoe Leahy, Joint Editors, OHA journal:

Category C – Reviews

Reviews of books and other publications from Australia or elsewhere that are of interest to the oral history community. These may include reviews of static or online exhibitions, or any projects presented for a public audience.

Please forward articles by email to Dr Gemmia Burden, Reviews Editor, OHA journal:

Accompanying materials

Photographs, drawings and other illustrations are particularly welcome, and may be offered for any of the above categories of contribution. Please obtain written permission from image owners and make every endeavour to ascertain the name of the photographer.

We also accept audio and video files if their inclusion

Further information about file formats and file sizes are available in the Journal Style Guide.

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