Guidelines for contributors

Preparing contributions

Each year, the journal editors issue a Call for Papers seeking contributions. Contributors should refer to both the Call for Papers and the Journal Style Guide in preparing a contribution.

The Call for Papers outlines the:

  • themes of the upcoming issue
  • categories for contributions
  • word limits and deadlines
  • the process for submitting your article.

The Journal Style Guide covers:

  • the types of material that will be considered
  • specifications for accompanying materials such as photographs, illustrations and copyright
  • technical requirements such as file attachments and formatting
  • notes and citations
  • illustrations
  • information required from contributors such as full name and contact and biographical details
  • copyright
  • when information should be de-identified.

Peer review

All research articles in the journal undergo a rigorous double-blind peer review process, based on initial editor screening and refereeing by at least two anonymous reviewers. Those submitting material for peer-review must ensure the contribution is de-identified.

The editors review editorials, reports and reviews before publication. These materials do not need to be de-identified.

Submission of multimedia files

We welcome the submission of multimedia files such as photographs, illustrations and audio and video files in the interests of making the journal more lively and accessible.

In general, access to any audio or video files will be via a public platform such as SoundCloud and You Tube, rather than hosted on the OHA website.

Please refer to the Journal Style Guide for advice on:

  • file sizes and formats
  • copyright and attribution.
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