Oral history projects

Oral history projects come in all shapes and sizes. They are conducted by big institutions such as universities and libraries through to local community groups and individual practitioners. The outputs of oral history projects are equally diverse –  from online oral history interview collections to websites, multimedia presentations and documentaries to podcasts and geo-locative storytelling.

The big change in recent years is that it has become much easier to view excerpts and whole interviews online.

On this page

See some examples showing the diversity of oral history projects.

Access links to oral history collections, many of which can be viewed/heard online.

Telling oral history stories

Technology has opened up new ways to tell oral history stories. Here are a few examples.


Digital book



Access oral history projects & collections

This is not an exhaustive list, but provides a useful sample of projects available.


The projects here are selected for their broad scope and/or innovation.

USC Shoah Foundation Visual History Archive  - video testimonies of survivors and witnesses of genocide

Densho - oral histories of Japanese Americans incarcerated during WWII

Oral History in the Digital Age -  resources for oral historians working with digital technologies

Mass Observation Archive - recording everyday life in Britain

Australia - local

This is a sampling of projects related to a specific issue or community in Australia.


The Street - Brisbane's Westend


Greek Migration Experience Project

Parliament of Western Australia Oral History Program


26 days - The Battle of Coral Balmoral

The First Friday in February

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