Book Award & Media Award

About the awards

Oral History Australia introduced its Book Award and Media Award for the first time in 2019 to encourage innovative and excellent applications of oral history.

Like the Hazel de Berg Award for Excellence in Oral History, these two awards are generally timed to coincide with the OHA Biennial Conference.

In 2021 when the biennial conference was postponed for 12 months due to COVID-19 restrictions, the OHA decided to proceed with the 2021 book and media awards but postpone the Hazel de Berg Award until the conference in 2022.

Upcoming awards

The next round of awards will coincide with the 2022 OHA Biennial Conference in Launceston, Tasmania. Applications have now closed.

Information for applicants

Find out how to apply:


Book Award recipients

Joint winners

Many Maps, Charting Two Cultures, First Nations and Europeans in Western Australia

By Bill and Jenny Bunbury (UWA Publishing, 2020)

In the Eye of the Storm: Volunteers and Australia’s response to the HIV/AIDS

By Robert Reynolds, Shirleene Robinson and Paul Sendziuk (NewSouth Publishing, 2021)

Peg Fraser

Book cover

Black Saturday: Not the end of the story

Author: Peg Fraser

Publisher: Monash University Publishing, 2018, Web address:

Find out more about the book and the judges comments.


Media Award recipients

Stories of Strength

The winner is: Stories of Strength: Songs and Stories from Anne Street Reserve 2021.

Using material from the Anne St Reserve Oral History and Concert Project, Stories of Strength was a concert that was produced by Big MAMA Productions, and performed in Broome in May 2021.

View the video -


Joint winners

A City Responds to Crisis: Volunteers and the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Sydney 1980s-1990s

The Making of Mardi Gras

Find out more about these projects and the judges comments.

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