Biennial Conference 2019 Excursions

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2019 OHA Biennnial Conference

Intimate Stories, Challenging Histories

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Post-conference excursions

Two excursions are on offer for conference attendees and their friends on Sunday 13 October.

Tours depart and return to the State Library of Queensland bus stop, Stanley Place, South Brisbane.

Interpretive bus trip to Logan City

08:00-16:00 – Cost $65 – Places limited to 30. 

Depart and return to the State Library of Queensland bus stop.

Logan City logoThe ‘set’ is a bus moving around the landscape of Logan City, which is the ‘stage’. Place names are the ‘characters’.  As we travel south to Logan, we explore the mechanics of colonisation, experiencing a variety of voices and interpretations.

The bus driver, Greg Manning, has developed an Oral History Compass (below, right) as a story-telling tool. Each of the 16 points of the compass are based on the themes of the questions that Sir Joseph Banks was asked subsequent to his voyage with Cook on the Endeavour. (Public Records Office London. Home Office 107/1 “A Second Report form the Committee of Enquiry into Transportation”. 10 May 1785.)

These compass point words are designed to activate discussion about the place names around and within the Logan landscape.  This place name vocabulary points simultaneously to experiences of resistance and survival in the Countries of the Yuggera, Yuggerabul and Yugambeh-speaking people, and in the Asian sub-continent, now India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

Destinations include the Eagleby WetlandsTamborine and the Veresdale Hotel. Morning tea and lunch provided.

Greg Manning is a Brisbane-based bus driver and concept artist who is exploring the relationship between spoken language, which includes combinations of place names, and the shared identity of diverse populations.

Oral History Queensland successfully applied for a grant from the Logan City Council Regional Arts Development Fund program to develop an interpretive bus trip exploring Logan.

The Regional Arts Development Fund is a partnership between the Queensland Government and Logan City Council to support local arts and culture in regional Queensland.

Bus trip to Djarranggaree / North Stradbroke Island

07:30-17:00 – Cost $85 – Places limited to 25.

Depart and return to the State Library of Queensland bus stop.

Join us for a presentation, visit and morning tea at the North Stradbroke Island Museum on Minjerribah.  We then travel across the Island to take in the scenery and wildlife of the Gorge Walk at Point Lookout.

We lunch at the Stradbroke Island Beach Hotel overlooking Cylinder Beach and the sea,

On our return journey across the island we stop and explore a fresh water creek, rainforest and mangrove ecosystem,

Morning tea and lunch provided. Wheelchair accessible.

Image credits

Top: North Stradbroke Island, image courtesy of Tourism and Events Queensland.

Bottom, left: North Stradbroke Island, image courtesy of Tourism and Events Queensland.

Bottom,right: North Stradbroke Island postcard, image courtesy of North Stradbroke Island Museum on Minjerribah.

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Conference website menu




Post-conference excursions


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About the conference


Intimate Stories, Challenging Histories


State Library of Queensland


10-13 October 2019


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