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2022 Biennial Conference, Oct 2022

As part of the 2022 Biennial Conference, delegates travelled to the Beaconsfield Mine and Heritage Centre to learn about its oral history program.

Image credit: Judy Hughes

Delegates on state wave farewell

2019 Biennial Conference, Oct 2019

It was arranged at short notice but had a profound effect on those present. At the closing of the 2019 OHA Biennial Conference, delegate Elisapeci Samanunu Waqanivala (pictured at the lectern) led a Fijian farewell inviting delegates to sing ‘Isa Lei’ in Fijian.

Image credit –  Judy Hughes

Inigenous storyteller with oral historians

2019 Biennial Conference, Oct 2019

Shaun Davis, from the Yugembeh Museum, a language and heritage research centre, addresses participants on an excursion following the 2019 Biennial Conference in Brisbane.

Funded by a grant from the Logan City Council Regional Arts Development Fund program, the Oral History Queensland excursion involved an interpretive bus trip exploring the relationship between spoken language, place names, and the shared identity of diverse populations in the Logan City region.

Image credit –  Judy Hughes

Performance using oral history

2017 Biennial Conference, Sep 2019

Remembering Palestine, is a verbatim community theatre project which explores the lives, stories and experiences of Palestinian immigrant women who have settled in Brisbane. To develop the theatre performance, four Palestinian women were interviewed, which informed the creation of a verbatim theatre script. The project brings together the stories of these women through performance and aspects of traditional Palestinian cultural practices. This project initially began as an Honours Project at Queensland University of Technology and was further developed with support from Australia Council for the Arts. It was performed at the 2017 OHA Biennial Conference.

Image credit –  Judy Hughes

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